Our Special Services

O&M of the complete power plant along with utility services included as WTP / ETP, Compressors, Steam Distribution system, Electrical Distribution System, DG Set, Cooling Tower, Electrical Motors / Transformers, CHP / AHP or Plant.

Our services range includes various types of Boiler and Turbine like Process Boiler, AFBC Boiler, CFBC Boiler, Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Bio Mass Boiler, Oil Fired Boiler, Gas Fired Boiler, Condensate Turbine, Co Generation Turbine, Hydro Turbine & Generators etc.

Energy audit and their corrective action.


Reduction of auxiliary power consumption.

Power plant project


Equipment performance & health monitoring.

Review of plant / project performance
as a “Third Party".

Our maintenance services include mechanical, electrical & instrumentation maintenance of the BTG Island and BOP.

We provide erection, commissioning & maintenance services for all type of Boilers and Turbines.

Implementation of various quality certifications like ISO: 9001, 14001, 18001, TPM, TQM etc.

We provide solutions for any operational problem round the clock on just a phone call away. Our experts on boards will always be available to help you solve your power plant issue.


  • Marshalling And Analyze Relevant Data, Anticipate Eventualties And Determine Strategies With Time Bound Action For Specific Target
  • Moblizing, Allocate And Integrate Various Components Of The Job And Resources Of The Unit In Harmoniously Operating The Whole For Maximising Productivity.
  • Analyzing Relevent Facts; Evaluate Various Alternative; Indicate Unequivocally Logical; Timely And Workable Course Of Action In The Interest Of Organization
  • Determination To “make Things Happen”. “willingness To Extend The Self Towards High Aspiration; Ability To Meet And Convert Adverse Condition To Advantageous, Sustain Team Morale And Instil A Will To Win.

By Above Means We Surely Achieve Approx 20% Reduction In Operational Cost.


  • Having Ability To Turnaround Any Deficient Power Plant Into An Efficient Economical Profit Making Company
  • Fuel Cost Optimization By Using Biomass And Other Low Cost Fuels
  • Substantial Reduction In Auxiliary Power Consumption
  • Optimization Of Station Heat Rate
  • Monitoring The Activity At Sites And Review Of Project Schedule, Estimating & Costing Within Budget, Planning For Cash Flow Requirements, Etc
  • Spearheading Activities Involving Working Out Various Requirements & Monitoring Overall Project Operations For Ensuring Timely Completion