BNK Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Opportunity For Investment

Serious & momentous investors are currently being sought for investment in BNK Power Solution Pvt. Ltd. –Lucknow.

Company is looking to raise capital for expanding the business in fast track to achieve the turnover of company upto Rs 500 Crore within five year span (2021).

Confidentiality is assured to the fullest, any interested parties would be invited to sign a confidentiality agreement, kindly contact us at –

Email ID-,
Contact No- +91 8966903824, 7755060421

Minimum Rs. 5 Lakh can be invested. The anticipation on “Return on Investment” will be approx 11-14%. Some portion of investment may also be converted into equity in future.
BNK Power Solution Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delightness of our honorable investors by providing very high ROI.